We turn the photos on your phone into cushions; bringing old sofas and chairs to life.

With digital media growing at the pace it is, so many photos taken on phones or cameras are forgotten the minute they disappear off your screen. At Snapshot Cushions, we wanted to do something to save those precious photos from a lifetime of tumbling down your timeline.

They deserve something more don’t they?

Hence the birth of Snapshot Cushions – you can ensure the very best of those photographs are preserved for prosperity in the shape of a cuddly cushion – it can’t get any better for them than that.

All you need is some imagery that you own the copyright to (i.e. you took the photo) and some imagination. That last instagram photo you posted, or snapchat you screengrabbed could be in your hands in a matter of days – and you won’t need to do any scrolling to find it.

Prices range from £20 to £25 plus postage and best of all, there is no minimum order, so if one is all you need, you’ve got it.

Due to popular demand, some of the concepts we produced as samples are proving very popular so we have made them available to purchase from our etsy shop, too.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp - +44 7982 848937.

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